Iliariia | Massage Children study, Treatment of Cerebral Palsy, Lviv, Ukraine

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To cure cerebral palsy really! In our massage room, you can put a child, a patient with cerebral palsy (infantile cerebral palsy) on your feet, teach you to sit, stand, walk and run. Really and confirmed by many years of our painstaking work with previous patients. All of them are now cured, go to school, run and even go in for sports. Subject to the treatment regimen, which is assigned to each child individually, the guarantee of success is 100%! Treatment is done with the help of massage and physiotherapy.

The founder of the center is Iliriia Iosifovna, an experienced specialist in the field of treatment of cerebral palsy by the massage method. Has extensive experience in this field, a large number of cured grateful patients.

Massage children’s office “Iliariia” is located on the outskirts of the city of Lviv, in the Ryazne-Ruska. The office is located in a beautiful cozy house, near the forest and the lake. Its advantageous location in the green zone creates cosiness and comfort for both patients and parents. Wooden windows and doors with thermal insulation, furniture, new and practical, conveniently located, modern LED lighting, highlights it among other institutions.